Submission Guidelines

Book Reviews:
  • I am happy to read all genres excluding anything derogatory toward any ethnic group or gender.  I also will not look at anything pornographic.  
  • All material submitted to me for review will be retained by me and become my property - thank you!
  • Once I review your book, I will post it on my blog and notify you of the review.  If your book earns a rating of 3 stars or higher, I will publish the review on my GoodReads account and on Amazon.
  • I am happy to promote your website, blog, twitter and facebook links on my blog along with your review.  Just let me know where I can direct traffic!  

Product Reviews:

Do you sell cosmetics, jewelry, clothing or other accessories?  Want an honest opinion from a woman who loves pretty things?  Email me and let's chat about how I can test out your products in exchange for promotion on this blog.  If you are a business owner with passion, you may qualify for a "People With Passion" interview on Let ME Out!!